We provide academic and business research services to our clients.

Academic research services aim at providing ETHICAL research assistance to graduates, undergraduates and professional students to undertake academic research projects successfully. Clients are trained in research methods and statistical data analyses in order to equip them with knowledge and competency to complete the phases of research design, data collection and statistical data analysis and report writing.

 Business research services aim at assisting businesses, especially small-and-medium scaled enterprises (SMEs) to undertake business and marketing research to identify and solve business problems and opportunities in order to achieve customer satisfaction, profitability and growth. Key personnel of businesses are trained on how to generate actionable insights for effective management decision-making.

Our key strengths and expertise are in the areas of customer and employee satisfaction research; internet research; descriptive research and exploratory research. We have expertise in the using Survey Monkey and Microsoft Technology for data collection. We use leading statistical packages such as SPSS, STATA and Microsoft Excel for data management, analysis and visualisation.